John Martin Island Cruising Association-DC60A


The Island Cruising Association is always seeking new products to make cruising easier and more fun. We’ve just installed one of the new CJD DC60 fully automatic water makers to trial. I installed this on Windflower just prior to departing on this years Pacific Circuit rally where we’ll be visiting many out of the way places in the SW Pacific where good water is hard to get if you’re not making it yourself.The CJD DC60 certainly lives up to the hype; with clear concise instructions, a full compliment of parts, pipes and connectors plus excellent phone backup for the dummy installing it, the installation process went without a hitch. Testing was even easier as the unit requires the push of only one button. We have now been making water for 6 weeks flawlessly, the Low draw, just 18 amps, allows us to run the unit off the solar panels and with an output of over 60lt/hr here in the warmer waters of the tropics it has a later/amp hr production that is top of it’s class. -John Martin.




Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519 Yacht Auckland 2016 -DC60


We required a watermaker for Hauraki Gulf cruising holidays in the Yacht, once we started looking we immediately discovered there were watermakers and then there were watermakers! The prices ranged in all directions!


The specific needs for our yacht were to provide fresh water for a family of 5-7 people, however when not in use for long periods (over winter) the watermaker when required still needed to fire up and give trusted reliability,  we had heard of nightmare stories of watermakers failing when the all important time came to make water, poor maintenance and poor service seemed to be the common denominator, so we wanted to avoid this unreliable aspect of owning a watermaker, therefore high on our list was an after sales type service plan to keep the unit functioning at an acceptable level, our search had began.

Firstly, our requirement was a low maintenance unit preferably with a self purging device, secondly, water delivery, ideally the unit would also come with a service plan provided by the manufacture to keep the unit in tip top shape for many years to come, lastly a locally made product to support NZ marine industry was very important to us.

It was about now we bumped into Auckland based watermaker manufacturer Chris Dent who we soon discovered is a leading light in watermaker information technology in NZ, he was brilliant and answered our many questions, he was very helpful, he came to our boat several times without obligation to offer advice and consultation. We quickly discovered he knew lots about this field and was always very polite and considerate, we soon discovered his watermakers were leading edge and quite innovative!  So we decided to make the purchase.

Post purchase we have found Chris to very passionate about his watermaker in our boat and, yes he does follow up and is still most interested in his unit in our boat, not once but several times he has taken the time to call me and discuss things, proactively he has also added upgrades at no cost! yes there were other great brands of watermaker offered by other NZ suppliers which were perfectly adequate however in the end we decided on Chris because his business is a Specialist business, dedicated to sales and aftermarket service of his own watermakers! As a consumer its hard to overlook this, it represents the very best risk and we therefore thoroughly recommend CJD to anyone looking for a watermaker.





S/Y Silver Light  -DC60


“Very wary of spending so much money on a watermaker, I have been to the boat shows where the watermaker salesmen have no interest in widening their conversation to include a female yacht co-owner.   Been cruising and always hesitant about filling our tanks with water when we don’t know the area and the surrounding environment.   That is, until we were introduced to Chris Dent who has spent years perfecting the watermaker.   His engineering background along with working on superyachts means he really knows what is required in a watermaker.   We could ask him any question and the answer was in his knowledge bank.  This is the person who made and installed our watermaker.  We’re so thrille, it is one of the best things we’ve had installed on the yacht.   Chris spent some time with me to work out the best position to install the components as I definitely did not want to lose any more storage space on our yacht. It is quiet, efficient and does everything Chris said it would.   New seals were available shortly after our installation and Chris rang to say that he would replace our seals so that we had the best available product. If you were looking for a watermaker, I’d suggest to look no further. In fact, if you did, I would feel sorry for you for missing out on a CJD Watermaker.”   Cheryl.

M/Y Pintari- AC260

We were undertaking a refit on our vessel ‘Pintari’ (Salthouse 50 sportsfisher)  and were looking for a way to include more fuel tank capacity, for our intended long term plan of relocation up to the Pacific Islands.

We decided to change a large water tank to carry diesel, and install day tanks for water as replacement way to accomplish this goal.

The generator is run every morning to charge the batteries, and I decided to install a water maker that could fill the day tanks in the short time that we ran it, but our criteria was that it needed to be easy, hassle free and reliable.

Chris Dent was recommended to us, and after a few enquiries we decided to run with him and his product. A great decision.

The CJD watermaker has changed our daily life on the vessel, and saved on vessel running costs as well, as we are not carting around tons of water when passage making. Cruising is fun again, as with teenagers using water in the way they do, the fresh water toilets, the unlimited water to clean diving and fishing gear, and no hassles with finding replacement water sources,- it has revolutionised our boating. I wish we had done it years ago.

Chris had it installed in a day or two, and it has not missed a beat since. It self-flushes twice weekly on a timer, purges the first 5 minutes of product when turned on, ensuring beautiful, clean fresh water every time. No sulphur smells – no need for the fiddling with pressures etc, just hassle free operations, done on the flick of a switch. Chris has been down to check on it, has upgraded the system without request, and is happy to discuss operations etc.

He certainly knows his stuff, and his product is priced very competitively.

The only problem we now have is that we end up with friends rafting up, filling their tanks when their teenagers run them dry.

It has been a choice well made.

Tom Warren

General Manager Marinas

Westhaven, Silo, Downtown and Viaduct Marina’s