Introducing the DR600


-Capable of 14,400 litres per day

-Diesel Powered -no generator required

-600 litres per hour

-Superior performace and reliability

-Rugged , No frills

-Designed and built in New Zealand

-High quality 316 stainless steel components



Output 600lph

Length 1550mm

Width 800mm

Height 800mm

Weight 270 KG

Engine Kubota RK60 6hp

Max height above sea level 4m and 25m from floating sea suction

Fuel tank capacity 7.5 litres

Full load fuel usage 1.2 litres per hour


Optional extras

Full canvas cover

Aluminum hinged top cover

Spare parts kit









-Electric and manual start

-Low pressure shut down to protect pump

-HP relief valve

-Ultra large pre filtration

-Cam lock fittings for easy set up

-Ideal disaster relief